The Cyborg Jillian Weise

Jillian Weise is a poet, performance artist, and disability rights activist

Jillian Weise is an award-winning poet, author, and playwright, a creative writing professor at Clemson University, and a disability rights activist. She is also a cyborg. She is used to this last descriptor raising eyebrows. Weise identifies as a cyborg because of her computerized prosthetic leg, a technological aid as essential to her personhood as … Read article

Model Lauren Wasser and her gold prosthetic legs

Lauren Wasser-Amputee Model

After losing both her legs to toxic shock syndrome, model Lauren Wasser has been dedicated to educating other young women on feminine hygiene products and the condition that nearly took her life. As a model, Lauren Wasser is accustomed to turning heads, and now she’s turning even more of them, everywhere she goes. Lauren (32) … Read article

Theresa Sareo-Amputee sings of her survival, success

Theresa Sareo

“We should all hear her story and realize what is truly important in our daily lives.”Bebe Winkler, Interior Designer, NY Latona NEW YORK CITY – It was nine months to the day after Sept. 11, 2001. Elmira native Theresa Sareo was well into recording her third album, which reflected upon the World Trade Center tragedy, … Read article

Carolina at the Christmas tree

Amputee Carolina at the Christmas tree

Carolina, wearing a black dress and black tights beautifully fitted to the stump, comes to dress the Christmas tree. Carolina is barefoot! So that you can see her beautiful foot, the stump is also visible. He uses black balls to help her, in the video of course he massages her stump and the rest of … Read article

Our opinions heart & change

Marine Veteran Kirstie Ennis

It’s Like to Lose Your Leg Kirstie Ennis was serving her second tour in Afghanistan in 2012 as a sergeant for the United States Marine Corps when her helicopter went down. “I remember one of the army medics, he came over and he said, ‘Don’t close your eyes ’cause you’re not going to open them … Read article