History of triple amputation

Christine Caron-triple amputee

Sepsis took my legs, left arm, damaged my kidneys and deformed my right hand and face. In the spring of 2013, I had not been feeling quite myself for months. I had been under some heavy stress in both my personal and professional life. I had an infected blemish on my face and reoccurring bronchitis. … Read article »

Breakout star of heartwarming Super Bowl

Paralympic gold medalist Jessica Long

Paralympic gold medalist Jessica Long has inspired an audience of millions, sharing her powerful real-life story of resilience and love in an ad for the Super Bowl’s half-time show. Now, the double-amputee and second-most decorated Paralympian of all time has spoken out about the advertisement, widely hailed as the best of 2021. Long, 28, candidly … Read article »

Meet Anita Hollander

Actress Anita Hollander

Actress Anita Hollander has survived a lot. She’s dealt with multiple bouts of cancer and a resulting leg amputation, all while continuing to perform, get married, have a child and serve as an advocate for other disabled performers. Anita Hollander created a  solo musical about the experience of losing her left leg to cancer and … Read article »

Model Lauren Wasser and her gold prosthetic legs

Lauren Wasser-Amputee Model

After losing both her legs to toxic shock syndrome, model Lauren Wasser has been dedicated to educating other young women on feminine hygiene products and the condition that nearly took her life. As a model, Lauren Wasser is accustomed to turning heads, and now she’s turning even more of them, everywhere she goes. Lauren (32) … Read article »