An amputee and her friend have climbed one of Poland’s highest mountains to raise funds for children with cancer

Ewa Harapin and her friend Klaudia Knieja

Ewa Harapin, who lost her leg to cancer as a child, and her friend Klaudia Knieja scaled Szpiglasowy Wierch in the Tatra Mountains. The pair began their expedition at Palenica Białczańska, covering 9.3 km before reaching a shelter at Morskie Oko On the second day they reached the 2,172-metre peak before returning to the shelter. … Read more

Desirée Vila: “It took me more than a year to upload a photo with the prosthesis to social networks”

Desirée Vila-Amputee and Sport

The young Paralympic athlete combines elite competition with informative talks and her YouTube channel, where she explains her story of overcoming It is curious the idea that makes us believe in the existence of a force, god or thing – give it whatever name you want – that marks the events of our lives, something … Read more

“At first, the whole class laughed at her, but now she wears skirts”: how the life of a girl who was amputated four years ago in Novosibirsk has changed

Angelina: ©

The Siberian woman had to change her place of residence, friends and several prostheses. The girl finally went to school and now dreams of a perfect gait. The fragile blonde Angelina is now 14 years old, but as a child she endured so much pain and suffering, clinging to every opportunity to live and be … Read more

“I want to be a model for other amputees”

Paola Antonini-Amputee

21-year-old Brazilian model Paola Antonini, who lost her left leg in a car accident, was a real Instagram sensation. Life is unpredictable, so no one can say for sure that he is waiting around the next corner.We cannot control life, but we can control ourselves, our confidence and determination. And if it’s all inside, nothing … Read more