20-Year-Old Model’s legs amputated due to COVID complications

Claire has been “fighting for her life” in the ICU since Jan. 16 after contracting the virus, said her family via statement.

Claire Bridges
Claire Bridges

Claire was born with a serious heart condition, that alongside complications from the virus, left doctors no choice but to amputate both her legs.

An aspiring model, the family hopes to raise funds that will help cover her future medical and living expenses.

Bridges’ best friend and roommate, Heather Valdes, noted that “Claire is just a positive ray of light and she’s a wonderful woman.”

“I think she’s going to make the best out of this and have many opportunities to come into her life,” Valdes said. “Just take [COVID] seriously and realise it is not a joke.”

Two different GoFundMe pages were created to help with medical and living expenses.