A 26-year-old woman decided to amputate her right leg after realizing that her fracture would not heal

Doctors amputated the girl’s leg after unsuccessful treatment of the fracture.

Victoria Snell recovering after the operation to remove her leg

Seven years ago, at the age of 20, a British woman named Victoria Snell was walking home when she heard a click in her foot. At the hospital, it turned out that she had a stress fracture.
Over the next six years, the girl did not leave the hospital: doctors performed four operations, inserted bone grafts and metal plates, but did not solve the problem with healing the fracture.

Victoria Snell is recovering from surgery

Before the fifth operation, 26-year-old Victoria decided that she had had enough and asked aesculapians to cut off her leg. “It was a terrible but simple decision. I understood that this treatment will not lead anywhere, and that with a prosthesis, I can have a better life than with my leg,” the girl explained.

(Image: Snell Family / SWNS.com)

Victoria quickly mastered the prosthesis and returned to work two months after the amputation. “It was as if I was freed — my opportunities were greatly expanded, and I was able to return to normal life,” she concluded.

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