A blogger with a prosthesis told how to love herself and her body

Singer and blogger Marsha Elle was born without her right leg, but this did not stop her from fulfilling her dreams, finding fans around the world and truly loving herself and her body.

American Marsha Elle was born with a birth defect – she does not have a right leg. A rare anomaly does not prevent a girl from living a full life: to compose songs, play sports and inspire thousands of people around the world to feats.

The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow ...Never give up

“Now I like to be in the spotlight, but as a child I preferred to be in the shadows,” recalls Marsha.

“I was born in Haiti, my mother moved us to Florida so that I could get normal treatment. At five years old, I had the first prosthesis – white! Therefore, even in hot weather, I wore long jackets so that no one would notice my prosthesis. Under the dress, I wore legines – my mother did not want the ridicule and curious views of others to hurt me.”

Everything changed when at the age of 16 Marsha got into a camp for children with amputated limbs.

“We taught us to love the body,” says Elle. “I began to look at the disease not as a limitation, but as an opportunity to find new ways to overcome obstacles!”

At the same time, she began to record music, and the more she revealed in her songs, the more people turned to Marsha Ella, sympathized with her and supported all her initiatives.

So the complexes remained in the past: for the cover of her debut single “Brave” Marsha Elle posed in a short dress – this time without legins. And recently, a 25-year-old girl first starred in a swimsuit.

Of course, in everyday life, a girl has to face many domestic difficulties that may not be obvious.

“Many people worry that I have grown fat by 2 kg. If I get better, I simply will not fit into the prosthesis. And this is really terrible!”

“One morning I sat on the bed for 45 minutes trying to put it on. I am very optimistic, but people who subscribe to me do not even realize that there is much and hard work on themselves behind optimism. “

However, Marsha does not lose the presence of spirit and hopes with his example to inspire other people with physical features.

“The only way to overcome their complexes and fears is to look them right in the face,” the girl says.

“Of course, it was not without offensive comments, but there were so many positive reviews and support that it is definitely worth it. I’m what I am. And this is my uniqueness. “