A woman amputated her ugly leg, which she had hidden for 20 years

A woman who hid her “ugly” leg under her trousers for two decades is now confident to wear dresses — after making the decision to amputate her leg.

At the age of six, Christy Wimberly was diagnosed with a rare spinal tumor called an astrocytoma. To this misfortune was added the fact that during the operation, the doctors damaged a nerve and the girl’s leg stopped growing at the same pace as the left one.

As a result, the right leg was like a different one: shorter by five centimeters, with streaks and blue skin closer to the feet. And so the next 15 years are getting worse and worse. When Kristy turned 20, she learned to hide her ugly limb under skirts and wide pants.

“People were laughing at my wheelchair and crutches, and I was desperate to adapt, trying to hide my disability in any way I could”

Kristy has had 19 surgeries and countless stretching and reconstructive procedures. After each of them, the girl was confined to a wheelchair and crutches for several months. Kristy suffered from constant infections and excruciating pain. By the age of 30, she had decided that she had had enough.

This was my first time as an amputee learning how to walk step over step. You can tell, it isn’t easy!

“The decision to amputate my leg was the best one of my life. It completely changed my confidence in myself”