A woman discovered for herself what it really feels like to live with a bionic hand

Model and dancer Kayla Maria G, whose TikTok videos have amassed an impressive 3.4 million likes in total at the time of writing, regularly shares information about what it’s like to perform everyday tasks with her futuristic hand.

Previous videos have shown Kayla jumping, playing with Jenga, shaking someone’s hand for the first time, and adjusting to using a strength machine in the gym. In another video, she shows what happens when her hand turns off during an assignment, leaving her no choice but to simply film it.

Speaking about her incredible hand in one video, Kayla explained:

A myoelectric prosthesis means that I can control the functionality of this bionic arm with my muscles using sensors.

She then goes on to show how she can actually close her hand before “switching to another function” with apparent ease, adding that despite the smoothness of the movement, “it’s not related to my brain,” and sensors inside the hand perceive her muscles.

Kayla was born with amniotic fluid syndrome and stated that she was “uncomfortable when they call her disabled, because I was born like that.”:

I’ve never had a complete limb to lose, if you know what I mean. So I like being called something else.