After the amputation of a bad leg, the girl became a professional runner

Cassie Cava is an unusual 23-year-old girl who managed to get her life back together only after amputating her bad leg.

Cassie said as a result of her amputation, she can now get on with her life and she’s enjoying being active running, cycling and skiing and windsurf

Since childhood, the British woman suffered from clubfoot on one leg, severe pain and difficulty in moving prevented her from fully living. Only after the operation, she managed to realize her dream and became a runner.

“Huge relief” – this is how the girl described her condition after getting rid of the “sore” right leg.

The amputation of my leg actually gave me a new lease of life. I’ve had a lot of surgeries‚Ķ As a teenager, there were about seven of them. This may seem strange, but the amputation was actually a huge relief.

Before the operation, Cassie couldn’t walk properly, let alone run, and the amputation gave the girl the opportunity to exercise fully. Today, the girl can enjoy running, windsurf, cycling and skiing every day.

Cassie had the first two hours windsurf of her life…look what is happened!