Alton Towers amputee, 25, announces she is expecting a baby

Alton Towers amputee Vicky Balch has announced that she is expecting a baby with her fiancé five years after losing her leg in a rollercoaster disaster.

The 25-year-old beautician from Preston was one of 16 injured when the Smiler ride hit an empty carriage on the tracks in June 2015.

When Vicky was in hospital after her amputation she feared she might never be able to have children but she and fiancé Dino Manciocchi, 26, have done three tests to make sure.

Couple with one of their bulldogs
Couple with one of their bulldogs

‘Dino and I are so happy to be expecting. It is just the best news after everything that has happened – I can’t quite believe we are going to have a baby.
‘After the accident I lay in my hospital bed devastated that I had lost my leg and that life would never be the same again.

‘I would not get to wear the lovely shoes I had at home or go out dancing with my university friends or feel like a woman again. I did say to my mum, “No one is going to want me like this.”

‘Even having a relationship seemed impossible, let alone having a baby. At times I was in so much pain that just making it through the day was tough enough, let alone thinking of my future and a family.

Dino cradles Vicky's baby bump
Dino cradles Vicky’s baby bump

‘I was also worried because of the extent of my injuries that my fertility may be affected and a few months after the accident I saw a specialist to find out if it would still be possible for me to conceive. Thankfully, I was told that it was.’

Vicky and Dino are excited for the future
Vicky and Dino are excited for the future

She had thought it might take time but three months after coming off the pill they conceived.

She said that she was amazed when the test came up positive and she burst into tears. Dino was at work at his pizza over firm Valoriani, so Vicky drove to his office to share the good news.’I got a bit emotional when Vicky broke the news. I have always wanted to have children earlier so I’m young enough to enjoy them.’Vicky is now 15 weeks pregnant and their baby is due in early March.