Amputee model became the face of Kurt Geiger’s ad campaign

Bernadette Hagans lost her leg a few years ago. Then the girl was sure that the career of a model, which she dreamed of, can be put an end to. But fortunately for her, fate had decreed otherwise.

In 2018, 24-year-old Bernadette was given a terrible diagnosis: synovial sarcoma — a rare type of soft tissue cancer.

I had symptoms for almost a year before I was finally diagnosed. I felt tired, nauseated, and then the swelling in my right leg could be easily felt. And each time it got bigger and bigger-Bernadette Hagans

Bernadette Hagans before amputation
Photo © Instagram / bernadettehagans

Almost immediately, the doctors said that the girl would have to amputate her leg, and they were surprised why she reacted so calmly. But then Bernadette had only one thing on her mind: at least she was given a chance to survive

Bernadette Hagans-another mirror pic
Photo © Instagram / bernadettehagans

Since then, a little more than two years have passed, and the girl can already boast of starting charity work and a coveted contract with a modeling Agency. Recently she became the face of an advertising campaign for the brand Kurt Geiger

I liked the photo shoot because we not only showed the product itself, but also my bionic leg, proving that this too can be fashionable. I just love what came out – Bernadette Hagans

Bernadette Hagans-just how I chill
Photo © Instagram / bernadettehagans

Also, the beauty said that she was taken not only because of her leg, but also because of her professional qualities. Sometimes models with prostheses are taken to the shooting only to put a tick in front of the “Inclusiveness”

Bernadette Hagans-can I get a hooooya
Photo © Instagram / bernadettehagans

When people like me are shown to the media, it’s great. After all, this does not happen so often. I think it can show the viewer that differences can be something good and anyone can use them to stand out from the crowd – Bernadette Hagans

Bernadette Hagans-echo 3-1
Photo © Instagram / bernadettehagans

There is still a lot to be done, but I’m glad I was able to be a part of this process – Bernadette Hagans