Amputee receives Christmas gift of bionic hand letting her see again

Marguerite Henderson had lost her feet, hand and fingers to sepsis.

An amputee has been given the ultimate Christmas gift – a bionic hand which could allow her to sew again.

Marguerite Henderson, who lost her feet, a hand and fingers to sepsis, has become the first person in the UK given the device by the NHS.

The retired seamstress, 57, said: “It’s the best gift I could ever have asked for.”

Marguerite, of Crosshill in Fife, felt “extremely ­emotional” when given the £47,000 “Michelangelo hand” at Glasgow’s Queen ­Elizabeth University ­Hospital on December 8.

It is programmed through an iPad, which enables it to understand nerve signals sent by from her brain.

The thumb, index and middle fingers are actively driven, while the ring and little finger passively follow the others for support.

Marguerite, who ­developed sepsis from a paper cut in 2018, said: “I’m hoping to hold the fabric and it will make sewing easier.