Amputee Snowboarding While Pregnant

Snowboarding is my passion and one of my favorite activities, so it was difficult for me not to ride every day.

Last week I wanted to go for a ride with my husband, and we decided to film it, and also share everything about my prosthesis, what devices I use and why, and just any other general information I could think of when it came to snowboarding without the whole back leg.

I am a Paralympic gold medalist, a snowboarder, so I am not a beginner. I consulted with my doctor before going out and was confident in my ability to accept this easily and safely for myself and the child. I really enjoyed filming this for you and I hope you found it insightful! I will definitely take you with me after my baby is born and I can do more than just do a few turns! I am the queen of tumbling from the mountain after trying sketchy things, so I can’t wait to share this sketchy part of my life with you … after the grand entrance … like and subscribe my beauties! Also leave in the comments any additional questions or comments you have!