Amputee woman loses her leg after motorcycle accident

In 1992, she had to amputate her leg after a motorcycle accident. Today, an example of overcoming: Marinalva de Almeida moved with her family from Paraná para Mato Grosso do Sul when she was only 4 years old. At the age of 15, she decided without rights to ride a motorcycle and lost control after falling under the car.

Marinalva de Almeida
Marinalva de Almeida Author: ©

Five days later, she was sent to Santa Casa, and she had to amputate her left leg. During the Paralympic Games, she spoke in detail about the most difficult and decisive moment of her life. “My mother even said that she preferred the dead daughter to the amputated daughter. It was my sister who had to sign the amputation permit, “she said during the games.

Marinalva de Almeida Author: ©

After the accident, she found support at the Cemdef (Center for Interdisciplinary Education for the Disabled), now called CER (Specialized Rehabilitation Center), a program of the Ministry of Health located in Vila Progresso.

He learned to swim, play table tennis, throw a spear, a disc. Marinalva turned sports into a path to victory.

In 1994, Marinalva again moved to Itu (SP) and began to train professionally.

Marinalva de Almeida Author: ©

Currently, Marinalva de Almeida is engaged in adapted sailing and is a Brazilian champion athlete in long jump and javelin throwing. She became known at the national level after running on crutches at São Silvestre, and she began to be invited to campaigns as a model.