“At first, the whole class laughed at her, but now she wears skirts”: how the life of a girl who was amputated four years ago in Novosibirsk has changed

The Siberian woman had to change her place of residence, friends and several prostheses. The girl finally went to school and now dreams of a perfect gait.

The fragile blonde Angelina is now 14 years old, but as a child she endured so much pain and suffering, clinging to every opportunity to live and be happy. Let’s remind, six years ago the girl was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis: “Jung’s sarcoma”. The tumor struck a leg, and doctors had to amputate it to save the girl. Only in this way the Siberian woman managed to cope with the disease. But new difficulties have appeared. Angelina had to accept herself and learn to live without a leg.

Angelina with a prosthetic leg
Angelina: © instagram.com/an.gelina014/

Pink hair, chubby cheeks, shine in the eyes and a slight smile – looking at Angelina’s photos, you can’t say that she suffered a serious illness, but instead of a normal leg she has a prosthesis. This becomes visible only if the girl puts on shorts or a skirt.

– Since then, we have changed the prosthesis several times. I don’t even know what this one is. It has to be changed annually until the age of 18, until the daughter grows up, – said Geli’s mother.

A year ago, the Siberian woman, together with her parents, rented an apartment in the village of Razdolnoye near Novosibirsk and left her native village in the Toguchinsky district. Only in this way was the child able to start a new life.

Angelina: © instagram.com/an.gelina014/

– In the second grade, I transferred Gela to home schooling. The whole class turned away from the girl. They teased, they said that she was one-legged and walked crookedly. She had no friends there, her daughter closed in on herself, – explains the Siberian.

In the new village, unexpectedly for Evgenia, the girl found new friends and asked to go to school herself. She said she was tired of staying at home. This year, she and her new classmates went to the eighth grade.

– Honestly, I was very worried that they would start teasing again, but no. There are a lot of girlfriends, there is no end to the boys. Everyone stands up for her and does not give offense, – says Evgenia. – Gela began to feel more confident, wears skirts, shorts and is not ashamed of her prosthesis.

Gela herself also tries not to sit still and leads an active lifestyle. True, it doesn’t quite work out. I decided that I would ride a bicycle, but with a prosthesis it turned out to be inconvenient to pedal. The Siberian woman does not despair and is sure that she will find herself in another area.

– I am glad that during all this time the disease has not manifested itself. Every six months we go through an examination, and everything is fine. Gela wants to become a manicure master. We have already bought her a lamp, other devices, and varnishes. She watches and learns video lessons on the Internet, and trains with her family, – continues Geli’s mother.

But the main goal of the schoolgirl is not to make nails for her friends, but to learn how to walk beautifully with a prosthesis. This is very important for her, especially if you remember the sad experience of communicating with children in primary school. Now Angelina talks about her success in mastering the podium step on social networks. Here she is going down the stairs, and here she is walking down the corridor, though limping a little. Videos gain more than a hundred views, and those who are not indifferent write words of support in the comments.

– She is a fighter, she will cope with any difficulty. And it will learn, I’m sure of it! – Evgenia proudly declares.