British nurse hangs herself after losing limbs

A brave nurse who lost both her legs and an arm after a simple cough turned to sepsis was found dead at home by her husband, an inquest has heard.

Jayne Carpenter, 53, from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, spent nine weeks in a hospital fighting for her life while in a coma, but lost four of her fingers on her right hand, her left arm below the elbow and both her legs.

Carpenter’s husband, Rob, 56, received a call from her asking him to pick up their dog in December 2020, but when he arrived at their home, he discovered her hanged, the outlet reported.

Rob said that after her limbs were amputated, his wife “put all her effort into regaining her life” and became an awareness advocate for sepsis, a life-threatening complication of an infection, which can lead to tissue damage and organ failure.

But, in November 2019, he noticed “a sudden decline” in Jayne’s mental health and she began drinking more alcohol, he said.

On the day she died in December 2019 , tests showed she had drunk “a large quantity of alcohol” but police did not find a note stating her intention to take her own life.