Desirée Vila: “It took me more than a year to upload a photo with the prosthesis to social networks”

Desirée Vila-Amputee and Sport

The young Paralympic athlete combines elite competition with informative talks and her YouTube channel, where she explains her story of overcoming It is curious the idea that makes us believe in the existence of a force, god or thing – give it whatever name you want – that marks the events of our lives, something … Read article »

Yady Fernández: From Footballer to Paralympic Cyclist

Yady Fernandez

“The sadder your story, the stronger your smile must be”: Yady Fernández The Colombian Yady Fernández, who suffered a traffic accident in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is today an example of improvement and resilience. Yady tells us about her recovery process and how she became a Paralympic rider after losing her left leg. How was life after … Read article »

#RisingPhoenix global social party to celebrate film’s release


Athletes and Para sports fans invited to watch Netflix movie about Paralympic Games together and share reactions using #RisingPhoenix A #RisingPhoenix social party to celebrate the ground-breaking Paralympics documentary launch will be held on Saturday (29 August) at 9 p.m. CEST. Athletes and their families, teams, coaches and friends; and Para sport fans around the world … Read article »

After the amputation of a bad leg, the girl became a professional runner

Cassie Cava - Leg Amputation

Cassie Cava is an unusual 23-year-old girl who managed to get her life back together only after amputating her bad leg. Since childhood, the British woman suffered from clubfoot on one leg, severe pain and difficulty in moving prevented her from fully living. Only after the operation, she managed to realize her dream and became … Read article »