“I want to be a model for other amputees”

Paola Antonini-Amputee

21-year-old Brazilian model Paola Antonini, who lost her left leg in a car accident, was a real Instagram sensation. Life is unpredictable, so no one can say for sure that he is waiting around the next corner.We cannot control life, but we can control ourselves, our confidence and determination. And if it’s all inside, nothing … Read more

The woman was electrocuted when she plugged the charger into the wall outlet. To save her, they had to amputate her arm

Ju Snell - arm amputation

Ju Snell was plugging a laptop charger into the network when she felt a sharp pain shoot through her arm. There was an unbearable feeling that thousands of needles were digging into my left arm. Then she started vomiting. It turned out that the outlet that Ju used was faulty — and the woman was … Read more

Stacy Paris: “I want to see more disabled people in the modeling business”

Stacy Paris - Leg Amputation

Stacy was diagnosed with a rare condition that resulted in both her legs being amputated. Last year, she started her modeling career a few months after her second amputation. Now she wants to see more disabled people in the modeling business. A 30-year-old model from bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, Scotland, now supports plans to change … Read more

Bernadette Hagans, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has refused to let cancer get in the way of a modelling career

Bernadette Hagans - Leg Amputation

An inspirational woman who had to learn to walk again after losing her leg to cancer has now started a career in modelling Bernadette Hagans’s career has already featured in some major campaigns thanks to her agency Zebedee Management, which promotes models with disabilities. The 23-year-old, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has come a long way … Read more