Quadruple amputee woman Beauty blogger

Kaitlyn Dobrow-quad amputee

Kaitlyn Dobrow has lost both legs and arms at the age of 18 years, and 60 percent of your skin. By a bacterial Meningitis, the life of an active young woman, was suddenly changed completely. To wrangle rather than to their fate, she decided to accept it and make the Best out of their Situation. … Read more

Cinderella with a glass hand

Mandy Pursley, who is an amputee, dressed as the Disney princess Cinderella with a glass arm

Mandy Pursley from the United States amputated her right arm as a child, and she had a complex about this for the rest of her life. Mandy’s friend asked her to take photos to show them to a little girl who didn’t have an arm. She hoped that the baby would understand that she was … Read more

Cancer is not a sentence


Interview with a Belarusian woman who had her arm amputated at 32. If you look at the photo of Olga Korenevskaya from Minsk, a charming girl will be looking at you. She smiles in the photographs, but there is a slight sadness in her eyes, the one that comes from someone who has irrevocably lost … Read more

Miss Universe participant who lost her leg showed how she goes in for sports

Miss Columbia 2011 triumphant, Daniella Alvarez

In mid-June this year, 32-year-old model, Miss Universe contestant and Miss Columbia 2011 triumphant, Daniella Alvarez lost her leg However, the girl is actively involved in restoring her usual lifestyle, in which her brother Ricky helps her. On her Instagram, the girl showed how she goes in for sports on one leg. Ricky accompanied his … Read more

“Mom, how can I continue to live?”: 19-year-old Ukrainian woman in a fatal accident in Poland tore off her leg

Tatiana several weeks after leg amputation

The girl has already undergone 4 operations, and there is a long treatment ahead Tatiana Mykytyn, 19, from the village of Goryglyady, Ternopil region, was involved in a fatal road accident in Poland. Near Warsaw, the girl was riding a motorcycle with her acquaintance, when suddenly an oncoming car crashed into them. Tatyana’s leg was … Read more