Physiotherapist Cosi Belloso educates people with amputated limbs

Cosi Belloso Learning to Walk for Amputees

Eighteen years ago, physical therapist and now Brandon resident Cosi Belloso was assigned the amputee rotation at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami because she “was the low man on the totem pole and got stuck with the amputee rotation that nobody wanted.” During her rotation, she met her mentor, Paul Kleponis, the senior physical therapist … Read article »

Your favorite amputee

Mia Kes

A young woman with a disability has shared her lovely graduation pictures on Twitter. In the heartwarming post, the amputee smiles broadly while wearing a beautiful sparkling dress beneath her graduation gown. The post gained thousands of likes from locals who loved seeing her flourish despite her disability. Being disabled comes with a plethora of … Read article »

Physiotherapist overcomes leg loss and helps patients with prostheses

Kayane Carneiro

Kayane Carneiro Corrêa, 31, suffered a serious accident when she was a child in Recife-PE, and had one of her legs amputated. She needed physical therapy to adapt for 10 years before putting on the prosthesis. She has been a PCD physiotherapist for four years and has a postgraduate degree in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Today … Read article »