Paint nails and ties his shoelaces: what else can do with one hand, cybercrack from Arkhangelsk

Svetlana Churakova - Girl without hand

The model and sportswoman posts videos of her usual things on Instagram that surprise many. How does a girl without a hand from Arkhangelsk live?: she knows everything! You know Svetlana Churakova from many of our texts, and this time we decided to tell you about her skills, which she demonstrates on Instagram, and receives … Read article »

A woman who had her leg amputated after being born with a rare congenital condition has become a TikTok star thanks to her playful and educational videos about her prosthetic and life as an amputee

Alyssa Cleland - A woman with an amputated leg

Alyssa Cleland, a 23-year-old influencer and para-dressage rider, was abandoned at birth in a small town in the Ukraine and diagnosed with paraxial tibial hemimelia, which affects one in a million people. The athlete spent the first year of her life in a hospital and wasn’t expected to live much longer than that. Because of … Read article »

Syktyvkarka with a prosthesis changes the idea of ​​those who are not like everyone else

Tanya - Girl with a prosthetic leg

19-year-old Tanya draws beautifully, writes poems, keeps an online diary, dances, takes care of dogs in the shelter “Friend”, meets with friends and tries to leave the comfort zone more often. However, it will seem to outsiders that Tanya did not live in the comfort zone – she does not have a leg. Every day … Read article »