Cinderella with a glass hand

Mandy Pursley from the United States amputated her right arm as a child, and she had a complex about this for the rest of her life.

Mandy’s friend asked her to take photos to show them to a little girl who didn’t have an arm. She hoped that the baby would understand that she was not alone in this world, and there were people with the same disadvantage.

Kelly was inspired to release the pictures by a little girl her friend knew (Picture: Kelly Anderson)
Kelly was inspired to release the pictures by a little girl her friend knew (Picture: Kelly Anderson)

Mandy decided to inspire a little girl and make a unique photo shoot. For this, she sewed for herself and her husband the costumes of Cinderella and the Prince.

“When my daughter read the Cinderella story in a year, I realized that although there are so many beautiful stories in the world, there has never been a story about a girl like me.”

And the woman wanted to show that princesses are different: at least with one hand.

Mandy made the dress herself
Mandy made the dress herself

“When I was growing up with disabilities, pictures of girls like me were not published in the media. It took me a long time to realize that such a feature can make me strong, unique and … beautiful. “

Mandy purposefully asked artist Gilbert Lozano to design a model of a glass prosthesis. A construction company and a medical clinic helped her create it.

Having prepared everything she needed, Mandy had a photo shoot with her husband Ryan. In the photo it is not a crystal shoe that “loses”, but a glass handle.

Mandy dedicated photography to little girls with disabilities who are starting their lives.

“I hope you know that you are beautiful, incredibly beautiful! Write your story and become special princesses, ”she encouraged them.

Mandy posted pictures on Facebook and people were touched by her post. It was shared 36 thousand times, leaving more than 4.1 thousand warm comments.

“I am so grateful to this strong, gorgeous woman who showed our young girls that we are all beautiful, even if we do not meet world beauty standards. Beauty is what comes from a person. “