Cute amputee actress talks about life with one leg

Popular Nollywood actress Doris Akonanya has said the story of Nick Vujicic inspired her to achieve success after losing a leg. The amputee actress said when she was amputated, she wondered how she would be able to realise her acting dreams, but after learning of Nick’s success despite the fact that the latter was born without limbs, she was motivated.

The young lady said she doesn’t think less of herself and that men are the ones coming after her due to what she has been able to achieve.

” I thought my legs would stop me from achieving my dreams and that men would stop asking me out, but the reverse is the case.”

Doris Akonanya-crutches
Doris Akonanya

Doris said she loves dancing and posting the videos on social media not because she has plenty of money, but because being happy prevents her from being depressed.