Doctors use woman’s foot as knee to keep her prosthetic in place

Jessica Quinn has been a fighter all her life. It’s this fighting spirit that has kept her going and allowed her to remain positive despite various challenges.

How i lost my leg / From 9 year old kid to cancer to amputee

She was just 8-year-old when doctors had to amputate her leg after she was diagnosed with a life-threatening bone cancer, osteosarcoma.

But the disability didn’t bend her will to function like a normal human being. She is now a walking, talking, smiling inspiration for people.

Today, she uses her foot as a knee to support her prosthetic leg and keep it in place. But all of that sounded like a dream when she was a child. Initially, her doctors thought it was a regular fracture that would heal like any other bone. But soon they realised it was something else.

After her initial diagnosis, Jessica was put through several sessions of chemotherapy. And when her weight dropped to 18 kgs, doctors decided to remove her leg.

Jessica’s rare form of cancer had weakened her femur to such an extent that it snapped one day. She had to undergo surgery to remove her thigh bone and rotate her shin so she could use her foot as a joint for her prosthetic.

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