Favour Nelson is a model, make-up artist

In May 2006, when Favour was just 6 years old, she got involved in an accident that led to her losing her left arm. She struggled with the physical, emotional, social and mental hurdles that come with losing a major part of one’s body and for a very long time, she only took photos that showed the right side of her body, until last year, when she decided she was done “sulking” and that it was time to “come out of her shell and own it”.

Favour Nelson girl without a hand
Favour Nelson Photo © instagram.com/favournelson/

In 2019, Favour had a photoshoot to celebrate her 20th birthday and this time, she didn’t only capture the right side of her body. Yes! Favour was ready to show the world who she really is and she did. “No filter, no armour, no walls. I bare my scar as a reminder that I was stronger than what tried to overpower me. I’m not in the slightest ashamed of my appearance instead it serves as a daily reminder of my strength and bravery,” Favour wrote.
She has not only given people with similar experience a beam of hope but she is evidence that you can be whoever you want to be, regardless of circumstances.

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