Her prosthetic leg is the envy of many

A woman who lost part of her leg when she was hit by a taxi in New York has made a prosthetic leg out of a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

Sian Green-Lord

The 29-year-old self-proclaimed fashion lover and aspiring model from Leicester, England had a prosthetic leg created from a vintage Louis Vuitton purse, after losing part of her leg in an accident while visiting New York City.

Less than 24 hours after arriving in the Big Apple for a trip in 2013, Green-Lord was hit by a yellow taxi as she was walking down Sixth Avenue near Rockefeller Center. The impact severed Green’s left foot and shattered her right leg, The Post reported at the time. Doctors at Bellevue Hospital had to amputate the left leg below the knee but were able to save her right leg.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was a witness at the scene of the accident, paid for a high-end prosthesis for Green-Lord so she would be able to walk.

As of 2018, the mother of one still hadn’t received any money from the accident and the driver of the taxi cab, Mohammed Faysal Himon, has never faced criminal charges.

Now, nearly seven years later, Green-Lord gave her prosthetic leg a designer makeover, an idea that came to her in an unexpected way.

“It actually came to me in a dream that I had this super leg,” she told BBC. “I remember telling my husband in the morning. He was like ‘Why is that crazy? Why don’t you just do it?’ ”

Made from a vintage handbag she bought on eBay “for like 150 pounds” (about $197), Green-Lord showed the process of making the Louis Vuitton leg at the Blatchford Clinic in Sheffield, England in a YouTube video.

Green-Lord said she can now wear heels, which she hasn’t done since the accident, thanks to her new prosthetic leg. She also said the leg wasn’t created to be flashy, but to remind her of life before the accident.

“This leg is a product of somebody who I was before I lost my leg and it’s almost a collaboration to myself,” she said. “To the person I was then and to the person I am now. I just feel really whole and really fulfilled because I got a feeling back I never thought I’d feel again.”

After Lord got her leg, a new pair of Louis Vuitton boots at Selfridges in Birmingham captured her heart.

“I went into Louis Vuitton and I thought ‘They’re not going to fit,’ ” she said. “I had my heart set on them but it just fit like a dream.”

Since showing off her new leg on Instagram, fellow amputees and fans have been showering Green-Lord with praise for turning her dream leg into reality.

“Being able to have this leg just gave me so much more confidence back,” she said.