I Lost My Legs At 18

She doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her and hopes her photos will be an inspiration instead.

Hülya, 37, was born with congenital dysmelia in her legs and hands. Although her hands looked visibly deformed, it was her legs that caused her the biggest physical challenges growing up. By the age of six, Hülya, had undergone 21 operations. Then at the age of 18 she contracted sepsis and was told by doctors they would have to amputate her legs.

As an adult, Hülya had to learn how to walk again with prosthetics as well as use a wheelchair. The mum of one says crawling is often the easiest way to get around and she also uses a low wheeled trolley. Hülya, from Stuttgart Germany, also runs a fashion boutique and together with her husband Dennis, posts striking photos of her posing without her legs on social media.

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