“I want to be a model for other amputees”

21-year-old Brazilian model Paola Antonini, who lost her left leg in a car accident, was a real Instagram sensation.

Paola Antonini-Amputee moman
Paola Antonini: © instagram.com/paola_antonini/

Life is unpredictable, so no one can say for sure that he is waiting around the next corner.
We cannot control life, but we can control ourselves, our confidence and determination. And if it’s all inside, nothing can stop you from kicking your ass on this world.

Paola Antonini’s Instagram profile has almost 2.7 million followers, whose understanding and support allowed her to achieve incredible popularity. We invite you to look at this beautiful unbending girl and understand the mood of her vivid inspiring photos.

Her leg was broken in four places and despite all attempts to save her, doctors were forced to amputate her leg to the knee.
The girl had to learn to walk again, but as soon as she got used to amputation, the doctors were forced to conduct a second operation, amputating her leg above the knee.

Paola wasn’t depressed. Paola is a favorite on all Brazilian podiums.
And her bikini photos look really cool.