Jo Beckwith Shares Breakup Letter To Her Foot Before Having It Amputated

A woman has shared some of the goodbye messages to her foot that she took into her amputations surgery, including a ‘break-up letter’ she’d written herself.

Amputee, public speaker and mental health advocate Jo Beckwith, who goes by the nickname ‘Footless Jo’ on TikTok, injured her ankle during a riding accident when she was 13 years old.

After ’14 years of surgeries, procedures, injections, everything under the gosh-darn sun’, Jo found she was experiencing pain every single day, leaving her grappling an extraordinarily difficult decision.

Having run out of options to treat her shattered ankle, Jo was told she could either keep her foot as it was and continue living in pain (the most ‘logical option’ in Jo’s words), or have it amputated.

Alternate method for storing feet?
Alternate method for storing feet?

This second option, which was not without risks, offered Jo the best possible chance of continuing to do all the things she loved to do pain-free, like walking her dog or heading out for a hike.

‘After a lot of consideration’, Jo opted for amputation, a ‘life altering’ decision she knew all too well that she could ‘never take back’. And so it was, in 2018, that Jo headed into surgery to have her foot removed completely, but not before throwing a ‘goodbye party’ for it.

The night before her surgery, Jo invited some of her friends round to write farewell messages on her ankle, taking a funny and creative stance during what was undoubtedly a worrying time.

Messages ranged from the pun-tastic ‘have a nice trip’, to the humorously supportive, ‘way to step in the right direction’.

Of course, Jo had to pen a message of her own as a means of celebrating ‘all the good times we had together’, putting a twist on the language of break-ups to write, ‘it’s not me, it’s you’.

After wishing her foot a ‘fond farewell’, Jo even drew a scissor and line pattern around her ankle ‘for good measure’, so the surgeon ‘would know which ankle to take off’.

Jo explained it had actually been ‘incredibly therapeutic for me to have a goodbye party to my foot before I lost it’, noting that she had ‘so many messages’ on her foot as she walked into surgery that day.

Unfortunately, ‘due to a fall’, Jo suffered a number of complications post-surgery, and even had to go back into surgery to have more of her leg amputated.

However, nearly three years on and Jo is very happy with how things have turned out, having a prosthetic leg that works ‘amazingly’ and which allows her to ‘do more than I’ve been able to do in almost two decades’.