Margarita Gracheva, who lost her hand, decided to take a photo session without a prosthesis

The girl could not take this step for a long time. 27-year-old Margarita Gracheva, whose ex-husband cut off her hands, decided on a bold photo shoot.

27-year-old Margarita Gracheva, whose ex-husband cut off her hands, decided on a bold photo session.
Margarita Gracheva
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The girl appeared in front of the camera in a beige swimsuit and neon light. She admitted that for the first time she decided to show the public her stump without the “iron hand”.

Margarita Gracheva
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Marguerite said that she did not even go to her brother’s graduation because her prosthetic leg broke. Now she has managed to overcome her complex and wants people with amputations not to feel damaged.

“In part, I don’t like people’s perception of me with and without an iron hand. When I’m wearing a prosthetic leg, everyone looks like a superhero. And when I’m with a stump, in most cases it’s looks of pity,” Gracheva wrote on Instagram.

In December 2017, Dmitry Grachev, angry because Margarita had filed for divorce, took her to a forest near Moscow, where he hit the girl on the leg with an axe and cut off two of her hands. After that, he took his wife to the hospital, and he turned himself in to the police.

Doctors miraculously managed to save the left hand, and a bionic prosthesis was installed on the right. After the tragedy, the girl found the strength to recover and return to normal life.

Dmitry was charged with three articles: “Kidnapping with the use of violence and weapons”, “Intentional infliction of serious harm to health with special cruelty, mockery or torment for the victim” and “death Threat”.

He was deprived of his parental rights (in the Grachev family, two sons aged 5 and 7 were brought up) and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

At the end of July, Marguerite announced that she was going to get married and wanted to have a child with a new lover.