Miss Universe participant who lost her leg showed how she goes in for sports

In mid-June this year, 32-year-old model, Miss Universe contestant and Miss Columbia 2011 triumphant, Daniella Alvarez lost her leg.

However, the girl is actively involved in restoring her usual lifestyle, in which her brother Ricky helps her. On her Instagram, the girl showed how she goes in for sports on one leg. Ricky accompanied his sister to exercise in the fresh air, which quickly turned into dance exercises – both simply love dancing.
“Whose dance do you like best?” – she signed cheerful shots. Doctors had to resort to amputation because of an aggressive tumor located in the peritoneum of the Colombian woman and blocking the flow of blood to the limb. After a serious operation, the model immediately promised fans that she would acquire a bionic prosthesis and continue to dance, run and enjoy life – and so far she is keeping her promise.