“Mom, how can I continue to live?”: 19-year-old Ukrainian woman in a fatal accident in Poland tore off her leg

The girl has already undergone 4 operations, and there is a long treatment ahead.

Tatiana Mykytyn, 19, from the village of Goryglyady, Ternopil region, was involved in a fatal road accident in Poland.
Tatiana Mykytyn

Tatiana Mykytyn, 19, from the village of Goryglyady, Ternopil region, was involved in a fatal road accident in Poland. Near Warsaw, the girl was riding a motorcycle with her acquaintance, when suddenly an oncoming car crashed into them. Tatyana’s leg was torn off and thrown 35 meters from the accident site, and her friend died on the spot. The girl’s arm and spine were seriously injured, she was left without a leg. Tatiana has already undergone 4 surgeries, long treatment, rehabilitation and prosthetics are ahead.

Day of Accident

On August 7, at 19:00, Tatyana was returning home from the city of Milanowek, located 30-40 km from Warsaw. There, the girl found a job at an enterprise where she planned to officially get a job. 41-year-old Aleksey, who worked there, drove her home. The man turned out to be from the Ivano-Frankivsk region, he has been living in Poland for over 10 years with his family. “Aleksey was driving Tatyana home on the way. 150 meters in front of a traffic light in the village of Otrebusy, a car crashed into them at speed. The driver of the car drove into the oncoming lane to turn towards her house, and without missing a motorcycle, she crashed into Tanya and Aleksey,” says the girl’s mother Nadezhda Mykytyn.

From the impact of the car, the motorcycle driver was thrown to the opposite side of the road, and Tatyana flew 35 meters from the collision site.

Photo provided by Nadezhda Mikitina
"A Polish woman was driving the car, she was distracted by her little child, who was sitting in the back seat. At the time of the accident, the driver's window was open".

“A Polish woman was driving the car, she was distracted by her little child, who was sitting in the back seat. At the time of the accident, the driver’s window was open. And immediately upon impact, Alexei and my child’s leg was chopped off. If there was a shiba from the door. closed, then, perhaps, the legs would have survived. She drew attention to her child, and she crippled mine, “says Nadezhda Mykytyn.

Tatiana Turned 35 Meters From Her Foot

A terrible accident was seen by a local resident who was nearby, and she rushed to save Tatyana and Alexei, who were bleeding.

“The woman was undergoing first aid courses. She took off the man’s belt and bandaged my daughter’s leg. She shouted to people to tell my daughters not to fall into a coma. If not for that woman, perhaps my daughter would have died. when she ran up to Alexey, she could no longer help him. For 4-5 minutes, and the person bleeds, “says Nadezhda Mykytyn. The woman who provided first aid to Tatyana looked for the girl’s leg and found her in the car, which knocked down Tatyana and Alexey on a motorcycle.

“The neighbors who were there brought ice from the refrigerators and wanted to save the leg. But since this leg was torn off, it simply could not be sewn on. Therefore, they decided not to sew on the leg so that there would be no gangrene,” says the girl’s mother.

Tatiana was hospitalized by helicopter to the hospital in the Polish city of Grodzisk-Mazowiecki, and Alexei died at the scene of the accident.

Alexey Killed Near His House

Alexey Killed Near His House

A terrible accident happened in the village where Aleksey lived, who gave Tatiana a lift.

“In the village where this happened, there are private houses near the road. And Alexei died in front of his house. The driver who was returning to her house is his neighbor. And we can say that the neighbor killed her neighbor,” says Nadezhda Mykytyn.

41-year-old Alexei is survived by a wife and three children – two 11-year-old daughters and an 18-year-old son.

“His wife took this tragedy very hard. She was even taken to a psychiatric hospital on the first day. Then she was reassured, apparently, they pricked her with something and released. Alexey was buried on Saturday, August 22. He was cremated,” Nadezhda Mykytyn says.

On The State of Tatiana Mykytyn

As a result of the accident, Tatyana lost her right leg, which was cut off above the knee, and the girl also received severe injuries throughout her body. For 8 days she lay in a coma, she was resuscitated and had 4 operations.

“My daughter underwent a complex spinal operation, she also had injuries of the cervical spine, and her left arm is completely made of iron, works only 60%, she does not bend at the elbow and I don’t know if she will recover in the future. correction over the left eye, because a bone was hurt there, “says the girl’s mother. For more than a week Tatyana was given droppers with strong painkillers so that she would not have a painful shock.

“I was in the hospital when my daughter came to her place. As I saw what happened to my child, I did not recognize her. It was not my child. She was all very swollen, she did not even look like herself on her face: one eye looked on me, and the other – in the opposite direction “, – recalls the girl’s mother with tears.

“She is still poor, when she came to her house she says:” Mom, Mom, make me have a leg, Mom! How am I going to live without a leg, mom? I can’t live without her. “I tell her that, daughter, you are alive and will live. Once God gave you a leg, but he can no longer. You will have a leg, but not the same as it was,” recalls the mother conversation with his crippled daughter.

Photo provided by Nadezhda Mikitina

The girl was treated for 18 days in the hospital, the medical institution billed more than 10 thousand dollars. The girl’s mother says she cooperates with companies that help to get compensation from the driver who provoked the accident. But the investigation of the case continues, and the doctors agreed to wait until its completion in order to receive a payment for the treatment.

Rehabilitation And Therapy With Psychologists

Now Tatiana has been transferred to a private rehabilitation center, where psychologists also work with her, who help her not to get depressed. The girl’s mother says that one day of therapy costs her over UAH 22,000. In addition, they want to insert a prosthetic leg for the victim Tatyana, however, the amount for the family is an unbearable 50 thousand dollars. The mother of the injured girl is raising four children herself and is unable to pay so much money to get her daughter back on her feet.

My daughter, treasure, we can all together, you are my hope, thank God and your desire to live, you strive to improve quickly, keep it up, I am with you!

According to Nadezhda Mykytyn, the insurance company in which his daughter was registered paid only $ 450 in compensation. This amount will not even cover a day in the rehabilitation center where Tatiana is.

Therefore, in order to help the family recover from the terrible accident and buy the girl an artificial “leg”, a fundraiser has begun in Poland and Ukraine. To help Tatyana, those who were not indifferent sent a total of 2 thousand dollars, it remains to collect another 48 thousand dollars.

The girl’s mother says that her daughter has repeatedly helped her friends with work and housing, who, like Tatiana, came to Poland to earn a living. Therefore, Nadezhda Mykytyn hopes that her daughter will also help with treatment.

The request for help was made public by Tatiana Mykytyn’s mother on her Facebook page.