One night changed her life

May 22 was just a normal day for Declo High School senior Kennedy Littledike.

“There was a lot of miracles that happened, I still don’t know how I got up there, what exactly happened, or what saved me, what helped me to hang on,” she said.

“Starting off with that night, me and my friends were just at the base of the D at the mountain and we were watching the sunset, I was having a rough day I guess,” Littledike said. “But we went to go watch it, and then they were like let’s go make some crepes, so we were driving back to my house and to get my friends car to go to Walmart to get the stuff for them,” she continued.

But as she was driving down her street, she ended up in a terrible car accident in which her and her two passengers were ejected from the car and thrown into a field. Kennedy was thrown onto the power lines and hanging on by her leg. She remembers bits of pieces of the night.

“It was just scary and I remember starting to cry, and I knew if I started to cry, cause I hate crying, so I knew if I started to cry, I’d given up and that was it for me,” she said, as she was recalling the accident.

She was in a medical coma for five days while the doctors worked to stabilize her. She spent almost a month at the University of Utah hospital and was then transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital where she did her rehab and learned how to do everything for herself again.

“I FINALLY GOT TO WALK TODAY!! I have never been so happy and wanted to take something home so bad! I got to click into a prosthetic to see how my clear liner fit and it fit great with a few adjustments. I go back in 2 weeks or so to get the real deal! I cannot wait to be up and walking again!,” said Littledike.

“Now with my prosthetic, getting dressed, it’s even worse because it’s like dressing a doll,” she said. “You have to take off the shoes, put your pants on, put the shoe back on, and since your foot can’t wiggle into your shoe, it’s just stiff, so I have to pry it on with my one arm. It’s not easy,” said Littledike.

Kennedy has been home since the end of July and is attending classes in person at Declo High School, while she continues her physical therapy and occupational therapy. She admits it has been hard, but she has tried to focus on the bright side.

“Anything can happen, so just make the best out of it and attitude will take you so far, I’ve learned that. I believe that with my whole heart, attitude is over everything, that’s what has taken me the farthest,” said Littledike.