Carolina at the Christmas tree

Amputee Carolina at the Christmas tree

Carolina, wearing a black dress and black tights beautifully fitted to the stump, comes to dress the Christmas tree. Carolina is barefoot! So that you can see her beautiful foot, the stump is also visible. He uses black balls to help her, in the video of course he massages her stump and the rest of … Read article »

Our opinions heart & change

Marine Veteran Kirstie Ennis

It’s Like to Lose Your Leg Kirstie Ennis was serving her second tour in Afghanistan in 2012 as a sergeant for the United States Marine Corps when her helicopter went down. “I remember one of the army medics, he came over and he said, ‘Don’t close your eyes ’cause you’re not going to open them … Read article »

Physiotherapist Cosi Belloso educates people with amputated limbs

Cosi Belloso Learning to Walk for Amputees

Eighteen years ago, physical therapist and now Brandon resident Cosi Belloso was assigned the amputee rotation at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami because she “was the low man on the totem pole and got stuck with the amputee rotation that nobody wanted.” During her rotation, she met her mentor, Paul Kleponis, the senior physical therapist … Read article »

Amy Purdy focuses on positives

Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy spent eight weeks with her mother in a beautiful Boston apartment this summer that was covered from floor to ceiling with captivating glass windows. It was her healing environment, inspiring her to bounce back from a five-hour surgery during which two centimeters of her already amputated left leg were cut off. Purdy, a … Read article »