Tragedy in the metro Caracas

Zarevitz Camacho Materan-Amputee Girl

April 29, 2011 in the life of Zarevitz Camacho Materan there was a turn of 180 degrees. She was at the subway station around 10:30. Waiting for the train to take her home. He lost consciousness due to severe dizziness and in the blink of an eye was on the subway rails, a train drove … Read more

Amputee Snowboarding While Pregnant

Amputee Snowboarding

Snowboarding is my passion and one of my favorite activities, so it was difficult for me not to ride every day Last week I wanted to go for a ride with my husband, and we decided to film it, and also share everything about my prosthesis, what devices I use and why, and just any … Read more

A girl born without a foot will appear on the podium in a special prosthesis with 12 cm heels

Valentina Stadnik-Amputee Girl

31-year-old Astrakhan woman Valentina Stadnik was born with an underdeveloped lower leg and without a foot. But her dream is about to come true: thanks to a special prosthesis, the girl will be able to participate in Caspian Fashion Week as a model. Valentina has long been a celebrity in her native Astrakhan: from the … Read more

Quadruple amputee woman Beauty blogger

Kaitlyn Dobrow-quad amputee

Kaitlyn Dobrow has lost both legs and arms at the age of 18 years, and 60 percent of your skin. By a bacterial Meningitis, the life of an active young woman, was suddenly changed completely. To wrangle rather than to their fate, she decided to accept it and make the Best out of their Situation. … Read more

Yady Fernández: From Footballer to Paralympic Cyclist

Yady Fernandez

“The sadder your story, the stronger your smile must be”: Yady Fernández The Colombian Yady Fernández, who suffered a traffic accident in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is today an example of improvement and resilience. Yady tells us about her recovery process and how she became a Paralympic rider after losing her left leg. How was life after … Read more

Cinderella with a glass hand

Mandy Pursley, who is an amputee, dressed as the Disney princess Cinderella with a glass arm

Mandy Pursley from the United States amputated her right arm as a child, and she had a complex about this for the rest of her life. Mandy’s friend asked her to take photos to show them to a little girl who didn’t have an arm. She hoped that the baby would understand that she was … Read more