Tragedy in the metro Caracas

Zarevitz Camacho Materan-Amputee Girl

April 29, 2011 in the life of Zarevitz Camacho Materan there was a turn of 180 degrees. She was at the subway station around 10:30. Waiting for the train to take her home. He lost consciousness due to severe dizziness and in the blink of an eye was on the subway rails, a train drove … Read article »

A girl born without a foot will appear on the podium in a special prosthesis with 12 cm heels

Valentina Stadnik-Amputee Girl

31-year-old Astrakhan woman Valentina Stadnik was born with an underdeveloped lower leg and without a foot. But her dream is about to come true: thanks to a special prosthesis, the girl will be able to participate in Caspian Fashion Week as a model. Valentina has long been a celebrity in her native Astrakhan: from the … Read article »

Yady Fernández: From Footballer to Paralympic Cyclist

Yady Fernandez

“The sadder your story, the stronger your smile must be”: Yady Fernández The Colombian Yady Fernández, who suffered a traffic accident in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is today an example of improvement and resilience. Yady tells us about her recovery process and how she became a Paralympic rider after losing her left leg. How was life after … Read article »

Cinderella with a glass hand

Mandy Pursley, who is an amputee, dressed as the Disney princess Cinderella with a glass arm

Mandy Pursley from the United States amputated her right arm as a child, and she had a complex about this for the rest of her life. Mandy’s friend asked her to take photos to show them to a little girl who didn’t have an arm. She hoped that the baby would understand that she was … Read article »

Cancer is not a sentence


Interview with a Belarusian woman who had her arm amputated at 32. If you look at the photo of Olga Korenevskaya from Minsk, a charming girl will be looking at you. She smiles in the photographs, but there is a slight sadness in her eyes, the one that comes from someone who has irrevocably lost … Read article »