Paint nails and ties his shoelaces: what else can do with one hand, cybercrack from Arkhangelsk

The model and sportswoman posts videos of her usual things on Instagram that surprise many.

Svetlana Churakova easily tries on new looks at photo sessions, but in life she likes naturalness and often does not use cosmetics at all
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How does a girl without a hand from Arkhangelsk live?: she knows everything!

You know Svetlana Churakova from many of our texts, and this time we decided to tell you about her skills, which she demonstrates on Instagram, and receives a lot of comments in the spirit of: “How’s it going? How do you do this?» She showed me how to tie my shoelaces, braid my hair, do my makeup, and even get a manicure with one hand, sometimes without her help. She can also play the guitar, peel potatoes and cut bread. She records this on video so that other people with disabilities can take note of a couple of life hacks from the beauty, who, perhaps, can do everything, only it takes a little more than minutes.

We tie our shoelaces with one hand

Svetlana Churakova has not had a hand since birth. On Instagram, Sveta posts various moments from her life, how she participates in photo shoots as a model, how she goes in sports, plays in the Paralympic team and travels. We asked her why she decided to make such training videos.

— The idea to shoot training videos came a long time ago, because throughout my life I was asked how to do something with one hand. As soon as I started my Instagram page, people saw that I had a prosthesis and that I was not shy about walking without a hand, and started asking questions. Mostly those who have just faced amputation. They started asking me how to open bottles and cut bread, ” says Svetlana.

The first instructional video on tying shoelaces was shot by Svetlana in October 2019.

— I’ve had a lot of questions about how I tie my shoelaces with one hand. Most people believe that they are doomed to wear sandals or Velcro shoes as in kindergarten. I made the first video. It received a great response, people wrote to me and started using my video to tie their shoelaces — ” says Svetlana.

We do our hair with one hand

— Then the girls started asking me how I tie my hair. Many of them had their ponytails patched up or had their hair down. I realized that on the video you can show how to tie one ponytail, as two, and you can even learn to braid braids — – says Svetlana.

A tutorial video on how to do hairstyles with one hand, Svetlana published on April 5, 2020. Look how well she does everything!

Bioelectric hand makeup

In the future, Svetlana plans to create a YouTube channel, where she will collect all the life hacks, how to do anything with one hand. He says that it is difficult to repeat the same thing for everyone. It is always better to see it once and repeat it than to hear it a hundred times and try to understand it.

Here is a video tutorial on how to do makeup with one hand and using a prosthetic.

— A lot of people ask me: “You can’t do this, can you?» I can, but in a different way. I do not like to peel potatoes, especially if they are small, because they have to be cut in half, and then, when they are already lying on a straight surface, remove the skin from them. Such a thing that you twist in one hand, and with the other hand peel off the skin, this will not work. This is probably the next video that I will shoot as a tip. They also ask how to cut up fish — ” says Svetlana.

“What takes other people a minute, takes me two and a half”

Svetlana Churakova, fashion model, sportswoman with a cyber arm

One-handed manicure

Many girls and two hands did not learn to do a manicure, Sveta has mastered this, look how she paints her nails and be surprised. We are so impressed.

Svetlana even knows how to play the guitar. I learned five songs by fighting. In the future, he plans to turn to guitar playing as a hobby and learn to play too many times.

— Everyone said you couldn’t, but I thought you could play. Previously, there was a direct aggressive desire to prove the opposite, such as “How can you even think like that?”. Now I am completely calm. It’s not that I don’t have the ability to do something, it’s that a person doesn’t have the brain to imagine how I can do it. This is more his problem than mine — ” says Svetlana.

Educational videos are intended to help people who find themselves in this situation. More often, people find Svetlana themselves on the Internet. She does not hide that she wears or does not wear a prosthesis. Feels comfortable in both States.

— I had a case recently. I saw that a 35-year-old man wears Velcro sneakers because he still doesn’t know how to tie his shoes. I didn’t know how to tie my shoelaces either, but until the 9th grade. Until the 9th grade, they were tied by my friend. And then one day she said to me: “Churakova, are you awesome? Let’s do it yourself!» And then I found a children’s video on the Internet and learned. I asked this man: “Is it more convenient for you to tie your shoes this way, or don’t you know how?» He replied that he had never learned. I threw him the video, and he immediately understood. Only if I see that a person can do something, but didn’t think of how, only then I interfere, — says Svetlana.

Svetlana plans to make a video of how to peel potatoes with one hand, how to clean fish, how to slice bread, and how to put on a pillowcase without using her teeth.