Physiotherapist overcomes leg loss and helps patients with prostheses

Kayane Carneiro Corrêa, 31, suffered a serious accident when she was a child in Recife-PE, and had one of her legs amputated. She needed physical therapy to adapt for 10 years before putting on the prosthesis. She has been a PCD physiotherapist for four years and has a postgraduate degree in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Today she works in the public health system.

Kayane was one of the victims of the collapse of the Enseada de Serrambí building, in 1999, in Olinda (Recife), where at least six people died. At the time, she was only 10 years old and was playing in the area of ​​the block that collapsed. A concrete beam fell on top of her left leg, which was amputated hours after the repair.

But years later, she decided to inspire others, to transform what was loss to motivation. In 2011 she graduated in physiotherapy in order to help other people, especially those who went through the same situation as her.

“I am passionate about physical therapy, I see the dedication of these professionals for each step in each patient’s advance. It inspired me a lot and that’s when I decided that I wanted to give that feeling to those people who go through what I went through. ” told the physiotherapist.

Today she works at the Specialized Rehabilitation Center III (CER III), located in the Codajás Polyclinic, in the south of the city.

A few years ago, Kayane also risked taking classes to practice pole dance as a form of exercise.

Serving patients

One of the patients Kayane attended is the young Nyna Vitória, 15, who also had her leg amputated after suffering a bicycle accident at the age of 12.

“This was one of the patients that I saw a lot of, I saw myself in her story, we lost one of our members who was almost the same age, I try to give her the same strength that one day they gave me.”

The physiotherapist says she can share stories, defeats and challenges with patients.

“I like to add a little hope to those people who think the world is over, the world is not over, it’s just a fresh start.” The physiotherapist says.

Without his left leg, physiotherapist takes pole dance class in Manaus