Quadruple amputee woman Beauty blogger

Kaitlyn Dobrow has lost both legs and arms at the age of 18 years, and 60 percent of your skin. By a bacterial Meningitis, the life of an active young woman, was suddenly changed completely. To wrangle rather than to their fate, she decided to accept it and make the Best out of their Situation. She is now a successful Influencers and Beauty blogger.

Kaitlyn Dobrow-Quadruple amputee woman Beauty blogger
Kaitly Dobrow Author: © instagram.com/kaitlyndobrow/

Kaitly Dobrow, from California, was an active young woman, as she fell ill at the age of only 18 years of bacterial Meningitis. This was so aggressive, that had to be amputated within a few hours of both arms and legs. In addition, she lost 60 percent of her skin.

In addition to great pain to her, especially mental problems were. However, after some time passed, Kaitlyn friends with your fate. In the difficult Phase of Make-up and face painting helped her to feel comfortable in your own skin. So they began to post Videos of it on YouTube.

Quickly, she built up a fan base and also helped other women with their Make-up Videos on difficult phases. “A user wrote to me that she could not overcome, to rise from the bed. But as she looked at my Videos, they got the strength to put on makeup again. Thus, she felt finally good again.“ Your family is amazed by Kaitlyns dealing with their severe fate: “it strikes Me often that my daughter has no arms and no legs.”

The now 25-year-old American woman has come to terms with your stroke of fate, and thus makes also other women’s courage. But in addition to Make-up is her second passion, for the rights of people with disability. Their Clips on YouTube have recorded up to 16 million Views.