“Sepsis killed my limbs but not our bond”

A brave amputee mum dressed her toddler with just half a thumb, after she lost all her fingers in a horrific sepsis ordeal. Sadie Kemp, 34, spent 103 days in hospital fighting the deadly infection that emerged after she collapsed with kidney pain on Christmas Day.

Sadie, from Peterborough, Cambs, proudly said that she dressed son Hendrix, two, with just half her remaining thumb after she returned home on Thursday. The former NHS worker even set up an Easter egg hunt for Hendrix and put the tot’s suncream on. Posting a picture with Hendrix on Facebook, Sadie wrote: “103 nights away from you! Sepsis tried to kill me, it failed.

Sadie Kemp with son Hendrix in hospital
Sadie Kemp with son Hendrix in hospital

“Sepsis killed my limbs but not our bond. As long as there is air in my lungs I will make sure our road is steady even through trauma.”

Sadie, who also has a son called Kenzie, 16, added: “I’m really happy to be home. My children came to visit me in hospital but I couldn’t interact with them. Now I’m home I can play with them. I watched football with my eldest on Sunday and played in the garden with Hendrix.”

Sadie is fundraising for a £35,000-per-hand operation to have bionic fingers added so that she can get back to cooking and working. However, her legs also suffered septic shock and doctors are due to tell her next month if they will need to be amputated from the knee down.

The mum turned to TikTok to keep her spirits high in hospital by posting videos explaining her sepsis infection, which earned her almost half a million followers: “People talk to me and ask me questions. It’s like therapy for what’s happened. When people ask me stuff it jogs my memory.”

Sadie, who worked for the NHS Covid testing service, is currently living with her parents who looked after her kids while she was in hospital. She was diagnosed with sepsis after rushing to A&E when she collapsed during a festive dinner.

Sadie was placed into an induced coma and when she woke in the new year she found her hands and feet had turned black due to a septic reaction to a kidney stone. Doctors warned they may have to amputate all four limbs to stop the sepsis from spreading but Sadie’s body fought back at the infection, meaning only her fingers needed to be amputated.