This strong girl has defied the odds

17-year-old Kennedy Littledike was launched out of the car and landed on a power line. She lost her leg. She is now sharing her inspiring journey on social media.

In May of 2021,17-year-old Kennedy Littledike of Burley, Idaho was looking forward to a night out with two of her friends in the nearby town of Declo. The night ended with the teenagers getting in a horrific car accident.

Kennedy was behind the wheel, she overcorrected and hit a power pole. The car rolled several times.

“We started flipping and rolling,” said Kennedy Littledike. “I don’t know how many times we flipped and rolled, but my car was pretty far out in the field at that point.”

All three of the teens were thrown from the car, but unbelievably, Kennedy was launched about 30 feet up onto an overhead power line. She was hanging by one of her legs.

“I don’t remember much about being on the wire, but I do remember being up there. It was pitch black and I was really high, and upside down. I was so confused, and I was trying really hard not to cry. I remember looking down at everyone, and there was a white tarp underneath me and I was confused why they wouldn’t just get me down.”

Kennedy Littledike
Kennedy Littledike

It was something first responders had never seen before. Getting her down safely from the power line was next. She still remembers the hero who did just that.

“I remember looking at him in the face, I said you have to get me down from here, I don’t know how much longer I can hang on,” said Littledike. “He was like we are trying sweetheart, we are almost there. I don’t know how you would not believe in God after going through something like that, no way God didn’t have a hand in it.”

Kennedy was rushed to the hospital with broken bones, and a severe leg and arm injury. The doctors couldn’t save her leg and they had to amputate. Kennedy’s parents were told she may not walk again.

“Everyone in the room was so upset and I could tell something was wrong,” said Kennedy. “But, I didn’t know what, and I remember telling them it’s going to be okay. Look at me now I’m walking.”

This strong girl has defied the odds. Kennedy has a prosthetic leg and is walking again. She’s in intensive physical therapy to get back to all the activities she loves so much, but she’s getting there! Running, and even dancing again. Her recovery has been long and tough.

Kennedy was an avid soccer player before the accident, and this season, she had the chance to play in the senior night soccer game with her Declo High School team. It meant everything to her, she says it showed her she was unstoppable.

But, Kennedy says it hasn’t always been easy to keep a positive attitude. Her family and friends have been a big part of pulling her through.

“After the accident, it hit me hard. I felt like I was a nobody, and I wanted to hide myself in a way because I wasn’t who I used to be. But, I just constantly had people all around me, and so much love and support. My sister started my Instagram, and it took off, and just the comments and the DMs I was getting just inspired me so much.”

Social media has been a bit part of her healing. Littledike posts about the accident, her life, and her progress on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Now, this teenage girl is inspiring people all over the world with her determination and resilience.

“Just having everyone cheer me on has helped so much, I get comments from all over the world. People will send love from France or Sweden, and I’m like no way, how did my story get all the way there! People say you are inspirational, you are strong, or my DMs will have people who are going through what I’m going through, and it kind of helps that I’m not the only one out there.”

Kennedy says she has learned so much through this journey, and she’s not done yet.

“If you are happy in your own body, perfect. Don’t worry about other people. That’s what I’ve learned, to just be confident in myself. Don’t worry what other people look like, worry about you, because you are all beautiful just the way you are, and I had to learn that,” said Littledike, “I am so grateful to have the support system I do have, and the love and support from everyone.”

Kennedy will graduate this spring from Declo High School and says she plans to go to either BYU Idaho or Utah State next year, she hasn’t quite decided yet. This Idaho girl will continue to inspire everyone around her wherever she goes.

“If I were to go that night. I would have missed out on my whole life. Now, I have the chance to go after all my goals and dreams.”

She was happy to share with us that the other teens in the accident with her have also recovered, and they are back in school.