Tragedy in the metro Caracas

April 29, 2011 in the life of Zarevitz Camacho Materan there was a turn of 180 degrees. She was at the subway station around 10:30. Waiting for the train to take her home. He lost consciousness due to severe dizziness and in the blink of an eye was on the subway rails, a train drove along his legs.

Zarewitz, a 29-year-old woman from Karaja, has a bachelor’s degree in human resources management. 4 years ago, a tragedy occurred with a girl who changed his life at the El Silencio station of the Caracas metro, but thank God her positive attitude to life has not changed.

She still didn’t understand what was going on. As far as she could, she started screaming so everyone knew she was still alive.

She was taken to Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital the same night the accident occurred. Doctors made an accurate diagnosis: both legs had to be amputated. Zarevice had a two-way amputation.

Over time, Zarevitz life took a new path.
Recovery was interrupted by a bone needle in the right thigh. I had to repeat the operation.