Ukrainian Nurse Who Lost Both Legs Dances at Her Wedding

“This wedding is taking place in a hospital. The bride is a 23-year-old nurse, Oksana, who lost both legs and some fingers in an explosion. The newlyweds have been together for six years. We wish them countless happy years to come. Ukraine stands strong thanks to people like them,” reads the tweet.

The couple, Oksana and Viktor got married after being together for six years. The woman, Oksana, who worked as a nurse in Ukraine, is an amputee and reportedly lost her legs and four fingers of left hand after a landmine exploded near her. The couple was walking back home in war-zone when Oksana stumbled upon an unexploded mine. Luckily, she survived the attack and was evacuated to Dnipro. She underwent four surgeries. The couple in hospital decided to make their relationship official and tied knot in presence of their two kids. Hospital authorities prepared wedding cake to make their day memorable.

Soon after being shared on Twitter, the video got viral across different social media platforms. Netizens are pouring in their sweet wishes for newly-married couple.