Woman who lost legs after falling sick becomes model

A mother of two who lost her legs and fingers after falling ill two years ago has beaten the odds and become a model.

Kia Brazil a devoted amazing mom of 2, at the age of 27 years old was attacked by an common unspoken about illness called Severe Sepsis
Kia Brazil Photo © instagram.com/therealkiamariebrazil/

According to 29-year-old model Kia Brazil from Wisconsin in the US, she went from having legs to almost losing her life in a matter of hours. Recounting how she lost her legs, Kia said she led a normal life until one day when she suddenly experienced severe pain. “I once was normal too. I had legs and fingers, but it changed in 24 hours. I was getting ready for my younger sister’s show at home, and I wasn’t feeling well.

I started experiencing pain that was worse than labour. Within three hours, I went from having stomach cramps to almost dying,” she told Truly on YouTube.

Kia was rushed to the hospital, where she had three heart attacks before going into a coma. According to the model, the doctors said she had just hours to live, and her family even said their goodbyes. However, she pulled through. “The darkest moment was when I didn’t know whether I would make it or not. After three heart attacks, sepsis ended up causing my legs to die out, and they eventually had to be amputated,” she said.

After waking up from the comma, Kia said it was time for her to decide whether she would wallow in misery or live life to the fullest. “I could either sink and bring my kids along with me or float and watch them sail next to me,” she said.

Kia Brazil Photo © instagram.com/therealkiamariebrazil/

At that moment, she resolved to become a model. “It clearly was not the end. I have more time to live and fulfil my purpose,” she said. Amazingly, the model noted that her confidence levels rose after the amputation, and she considers her legs to be one of her best body features. On why she opted to show her amputated legs, Kia said: “I wanted everybody to see. I did not want to hide. I needed to blossom into a beautiful flower.”

Kia further divulged that getting around the house is easy as she uses a wheelchair and prosthetics. “I don’t see I am disabled because I can cook, clean and play with my kids. My modelling career will shed light on so many different people. I want kids that may see my pictures to think if I can do it, they can do it too,” she said.

Kia will soon be releasing a book called ” Surviving Sepsis…A Survivor’s Tale” this year explaining her full journey with Sepsis from her point of view.