Yady Fernández: From Footballer to Paralympic Cyclist

“The sadder your story, the stronger your smile must be”: Yady Fernández.

Yady Fernández
Yady Fernández Author: © instagram.com/Yady-Fernández-687724221306690/

The Colombian Yady Fernández, who suffered a traffic accident in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is today an example of improvement and resilience. Yady tells us about her recovery process and how she became a Paralympic rider after losing her left leg.

How was life after the accident?

My life after the accident, at first it was a life full of obstacles that were diminishing in the long run and challenges that I had personally, apart from all I was very grateful to God for this second chance at life.

What went through your mind when the doctors told you “you will not play soccer again?

I know it crossed my mind when the doctors told me that I would not play football again … My head only saw a person with a prosthesis running around the football field, but then reality came and I saw that it was impossible play with the ball again. So I was very sad at first, I cried a lot, I was sensitive, but I gained strength and I continued without the love of my life.

Yady Fernández

How was your recovery process?

For me, knowing and seeing the sketch of my accident, I got up very quickly … I was not to tell the story and these are things of my God that even took me out of my recovery quickly. I spent 2 and a half months in a hospital, apart from that I was doing rehabilitation that was to remove sensitivity to the stump and therefore strengthen my muscles, etc. The truth is that everything happened very quickly in rehab, I think I was there for 2 months.

At what point did you discover that cycling could fill the void that you had from not playing soccer again?

The cycling proposal was a day that I was going to rehabilitation at the beginning it was something crazy something that the ideas were not right … They were just new chips that I wanted to know, but it was not what I wanted.

“I needed a sport that required me physically and mentally”

What achievements have you been able to achieve with cycling?

Achievements with cycling, first of all I have not had the opportunity to compete outside the country, but I have been a national champion in the 500 meter track, I have been a national runner-up in the 3000 meter track. I have also played bronze with the 3000 meter modality. On the road I have been national runner-up and I have also had the bronze.

When all this happens … What’s next for Yady?

When the pandemic passes, my goal is to go to my second home, Alcides Nieto Patiño (velodrome), where I want to improve and perfect starts, starts and some other thing that I still lack, with this to be able to gain the confidence of the Colombia team and be able to compete outside.

How are Yady Fernández’s training sessions every day?

My training in this pandemic, in the morning we have physical preparation in the afternoon we have the simulator to train on the bicycle, or better known as the roller, Monday to Saturday are the training sessions.

During these days the goalkeeper of Real San Andrés, Johanis Menco, had an accident and also lost a leg. What message do you send her in these difficult times that she is going through?

Goalkeeper Johanis Menco, I would tell her that no matter how we are physically, what matters and what fills her is what makes her feel alive and fight for her dreams that does not stop, that the process can be hard, but I know that she will triumph, Because she is a warrior and this new way of living and seeing life will not be difficult for her, God Bless her.