Your favorite amputee

A young woman with a disability has shared her lovely graduation pictures on Twitter. In the heartwarming post, the amputee smiles broadly while wearing a beautiful sparkling dress beneath her graduation gown. The post gained thousands of likes from locals who loved seeing her flourish despite her disability.

A whole finance graduate
A whole finance graduate

Being disabled comes with a plethora of life difficulties but when one is equipped with determination, nothing can hold you back. A young SA lady recently proved this to be true after graduating. Taking to her personal Twitter page, @Mia_Kes, who describes herself as the world’s favourite amputee, recently shared pictures of herself in her graduation gown. Beneath the gown, Mia is wearing a lovely golden dress to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The post soon blew up, amassing over 10 000 likes. Many locals also took to the comment section to congratulate the young woman on achieving her goals despite having had her leg amputated. Read a few of their supportive comments below.

And make it fashion

@bagboys said:

“You are living proof that adversity can be taken head-on and you would still come out on top. You have put normal people who rely on handouts to shame!”

This year got me feeling stumped
This year got me feeling stumped

@BoganwangErnest said:

“Priceless. It’s people like you who make us believe we can achieve anything regardless of our situation. People who make us wipe tears off our faces and say, if she can smile, so can I. A real hero. A true example of strength.”

We’re getting thick here, guess it’s time for a new leg

Locals have shared thousands of supportive messages with a local graduate with a disablility.

Source: Twitter